Maldives- A Perfect Luxury Holiday

An island country and archipelago, Maldives is a magical land that lies in the Indian Ocean. The shores of Maldives are adorned with sand as white as snow. They are complemented by the oceanic bliss of pristine blue waters. This picturesque landscape and the warm rays of the sun that fall on it, gives Maldives the ideal climate for a luxury holiday. Adventure explorers can travel across the group of islands by public ferries. This grants them the opportunity to access even those parts which were previously unexplored.

The convenience of transportation to Maldives, has been a key factor for the rise of tourism witnessed by the country. More than often, independent travellers plan their own itineraries for a visit to Maldives. This rises from the ease of travelling through the friendly and culturally infused land. Over the years, there has been a steady growth of private guest houses on the island of Maldives. Tourists enjoy the interaction and stay with amicable localities, appreciating the chance to learn more about their culture. The tropical country grants a vacation that is immensely gratifying for those in search of a luxury holiday.

While in Maldives, there are few places that should positively be on your itinerary:

Male is not only the official capital of Maldives, but also its leading mercantile city. The city of Male is one of the most populated in Maldives. Its extraordinary lifestyle is what attracts not only tourists but also the people of Maldives. This is in spite of it having a way of life that is unlike the laid back one the rest of Maldives has. In fact, Male is known across the globe as a place that truly represents the spirit of Maldives.

The city of Male is coloured by tall buildings that lie amidst the glorious blue waters of the Indian Ocean. The city life includes a number of alcohol- free bars and restaurants along with shops and lively markets. Needless to say, these factor in as important tourist attractions. When mentioning tourist attractions, it is impossible not to talk about the Old Friday Mosque. The old Friday Mosque, is the oldest mosque in the Maldives. It was built out of coral stone that has intricate decoration and the Quranic script carved on it.

Another place one must visit in Male as a part of a luxury holiday is the National Museum. Even for those who aren’t intrigued by history and ancient culture, the museum is enchanting. The National Museum building in Male was a gift from China to the Maldives. The collections in the museum reveal the history of the isolated islands of Maldives. They include a display of ancient weaponry, religious paraphernalia and household wares. Science buffs are often captivated by the skeleton of the Longman’s Baked Whale. It is a long skeleton of a whale that is very rare and yet to be sighted alive in the sea.

Hammerhead Point
Rasdhoo Madivaru, popularly known as Hammerhead Point is a captivating location in Maldives. Here, one can find hammerhead sharks and mantas among other oceanic creatures. The water at this reef being exceptionally clear makes it easy to spot the marine life. The Hammerhead Point gets its name from its characteristic feature which is a depth drop from outside the reef. Adventure sports lovers are sure to fall in love with this region, since a range of water sports are made available for tourists. The best time to go diving at Hammerhead Point is dawn, to make the best of the dive and view the exotic species underwater.

Ari Atoll
A luxury holiday in Maldives is not complete unless you visit Ari Atoll. The blissful region is a lagoon shaped in an oval form. It is enclosed by magnificent reefs and popular beaches. The water surrounding Ari Atoll is said to be very rich in nature. This leads to the attraction of not only underwater sea animals, but also tourists and divers from around the world. To those who are intrigued by marine life, a visit to Ari Atoll will be astounding. From hammerhead sharks to gigantic whale sharks, some the world’s largest fish can be spotted from the reef. What adds to the experience of visiting Ari Atoll is the line of resorts that guarantee an exclusive stay at the lagoon.

If you’re looking to explore a country and have an unforgettable experience, you should visit the Maldives. Culture and cuisine along with an awe inspiring landscape makes Maldives one of the best places for a luxury holiday.

Seenu Mathew is a web ui designer / developer with cox & kings. Travelling and photography are his passions. He recently returned from a trip through one of the Maldives luxury holiday package. In this article, he shares information on how to lose yourself in the natural beauty of the Maldives through the Maldives packages

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