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Holidaying abroad is the dream of many people. And unlike few years ago when holidaying abroad was too much expensive, things apparently have changed. Now you can get cheap international vacation packages very easily only after a bit of looking around. This has been made possible through online travel agencies (OTA’s) which are able to offer affordable deals as they work on huge volumes. Since they work on large economies of scale, they are able to avail better discounts from different service providers and pass the same benefit to customer. Make My Trip is among the pioneers in online travel agencies. They have many years of experience in delivering memorable and enjoyable holidays to its ever increasing satisfied customers.

Make My Trip has many international vacation packages covering all the popular destinations across the globe. You can find different packages. There are many economical and cheap vacation packages to destinations like Thailand, Singapore, Dubai, Hong Kong, Maldives etc. Most of these deals in normal circumstances are below Rs 50k. Then there are vacation packages to locations like Europe, USA, and Canada etc which are a bit on the expensive side. Though they are a bit costly, they are still economical compared to other deals available through different channels. You can also get cruise packages from Make My Trip.
A typical International vacation package will include return flight tickets, hotel stay, airport transfers, city tour, sightseeing etc. The complete itinerary can be checked beforehand. When you search on for specific international vacation packages, available options will be shown along with detailed itinerary. You will able to see your complete tour details including the hotel you will be staying in, mode of transport which will be provided etc. Sometimes there is option to change the hotel.

If you shift in the same category, package cost remains same. However if you upgrade or downgrade, vacation package cost will be adjusted accordingly. In international tour package, visa fees, travel insurance is not included. You can get them from online travel agencies only but by paying extra amount. There is option to add insurance when you are selecting the international vacation package.
Once you select any of the available international vacation packages, you can make the payments. Different payment options are available. After making the payment, all the documents like travel vouchers, flight tickets will be delivered as per your instructions.

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