Kayaking in Maldives – A Dry Underwater Adventure

The name Maldives is synonymous with sparkling Blue Water. Yes that’s right; when you think of Maldives there is nothing more captivating than its long alluring stretches of sea. What better way to taste this ocean than indulging in water sports, of which the Maldives boasts an interesting list. The fantastic climate in Maldives in addition to its spectacular marine life enables one to enjoy almost every imaginable water sport in this island and the best part is that almost every Resort has their very own water sports center, professional instructors along with any equipment required on hire. Diving, Surfing, Snorkeling and Kayaking are some of the most popular activities undertaken here. Kayaking has the added advantage of being both relaxing and adventurous giving you a wholesome experience in just this single activity.

There are a number of Kayak varieties you can choose from in most resorts, you can opt to either paddle or pedal your way along the shallow stretches of sea or choose between a single or tandem kayak. If you are not much of a diver or snorkeler kayaking is one of your best options to enjoy the amazing collection of Marine life that the Maldivian Ocean boasts of. A complete glass or a peek- a – boo Kayak are the types that you must choose from. Of them both, the glass kayaks are the better option and enables you to clearly enjoy the rich vista of marine life. If you are looking for a cheaper option, the peek-a-boo will be better, as the glass panel at the bottom will give you an interesting glimpse of the under-water world at a rather value for money package. Some of the species that you are sure to have a look at are clownfish, angelfish, barracuda, blue lined snapper and butterfly fish. Plenty of shark varieties and Rays sail through this Ocean and are sure to give you that thrilling edge when they happen to swim under your kayak.

The Velassaru Maldives is a good Maldives Island Hotel to stay at in order to enjoy this array of water sports. The ocean before you is fantastic for kayaking and this Maldives Resort is perfect for relaxing.

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