Island Hopping In Maldives – A ‘Must Do’ Activity

The Maldives islands are like green emeralds and white marbles strewn across the Laccadive Sea. The popular tourist destination is situated roughly four hundred kilometres south-west of India. The collections of islands are renowned among the travelers worldwide for their gorgeous white sandy beaches, sparkling blue waters and sweet scented tropical palm trees and lush vegetation, which make Maldives the ultimate beach getaway. The island nation has something to offer everybody. Those looking for adventure and excitement can try out a variety of water sports. Those interested in learning more about the island’s culture and history can visit the national museum in Male’. As for those who want to see as much of Maldives as possible island hopping is the way to go.

Maldives can get pretty crowded especially around the peak tourist season but thankfully that is not something to worry about. The country consists of well over one thousand islands and although only two hundred of them are inhabited, it is possible to visit many more. Island hopping is a highly popular vacation activity in Maldives. It allows one to visit many islands in a short space of time. With each island having something unique to offer this is a ‘must do’ activity.

There are several different types of island tours. Some island tours are designed to appeal to one’s adventurous side and include physical activities such as hiking or trekking through forests and may even include snorkelling. There are also tours that are tailor made for couples. As part of the tour couples are taken to a private island on a dhow (a traditional boat) where they can have a delicious picnic.

Tourism is the biggest contributor to the country’s economy and the hospitality sector is well developed. Finding good resorts in Maldives is not difficult. Travellers will save themselves a lot of hassle by staying at Maldives all inclusive hotels such as the Maafushivaru Maldives. Situated on a private island of the same name, this resort contains a plethora of facilities for water related activities such as snorkelling and scuba diving. It also contains an excellent gym and a diving spa. Tranquil and secluded, it is the perfect getaway spot.

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