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How to Choose the Best Resort in Maldives for You

Maldives is s highly famous tourist destination and more than a million tourists from all over the world visit this beautiful place on a yearly basis. If you are planning to take a vacation to Maldives, one of the most important decisions that you need to make is to choose the best resort in Maldives. There are many great resorts in Maldives, but it is your personal preferences that will allow you to pick the right resort for you. Let us have a look at some of the factors that you should consider while choosing the best resort in Maldives.


The first thing that you need to consider is your budget. Not only the upfront charges that you need to pay for staying at the resort but also the charges of drinks, food, and additional services like spas, scuba diving, etc. As you will be living on an island, you cannot just wander off in search of cheaper meals and drinks. Moreover, you will be also required to pay an additional 22% as taxes on every bill. You can contact the resort to know more about their charges.

Ocean Reef

If you are visiting Maldives to enjoy water sports and scuba diving, it is also very important to search about the quality of reef around the island on which you will be staying. Due to the construction of the resorts and hotels, large amounts of coral reefs have been highly damaged and there are far lesser things to enjoy under water. There are still many coral reefs that have an abundance of marine life and amazing corals. If you are visiting Maldives for snorkeling, then it is also important to enquirer about the access points.

Target Market of the Resort

It is also very important to find out who the resort is trying to attract. Do not completely rely on travel agents as no matter if you are traveling with friends, family or for honeymoon, they will often describe the proposed resort as the best for you. However, the target audience of a resort has a huge effect on the ambiance, services, and even on the menu of the resort. For instance, if you are looking for a honeymoon resort, you will need a resort which is exclusively designed for honeymoon couples. A family resort might not be the correct choice for you. You can visit the website of the resort to know more about how the resort actually is and who are they trying to target.


Are you comfortable with a resort which only has a single restaurant with not a lot of difference in the food served on a daily basis? Or you want a resort that has multiple restaurants that offer an amazing array of cuisines to choose from? Food plays a major role in your vacation and you should understand your food-related needs before choosing a resort.

Remember the above mentioned points while choosing to ensure that you pick the best resort n Maldives as per your needs and preferences.

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