How the Wet April Weather Has Caused an Increase in Luxury Holiday Bookings

Holiday companies must be rubbing their hands in glee after a huge increase in the number of people looking to book last minute holiday deals. This is because the weather in Britain at the moment is wet and miserable and it is causing people to think again about whether or not they should stay in the UK for the summer. The May Bank Holiday weekend was another disappointment so those seeking a bit of warmth and sunshine are actually heading to their local tour operator to look at luxury all inclusive package holidays to places such as Mauritius, St. Lucia, Jamaica and Maldives for example.

The number of sales for some travel companies has risen by a whopping forty percent when compared to this time last year and it is the dreadful weather that we are having that is causing this rise. The Caribbean is proving to be very popular with tourists who want to be guaranteed a bit of sunshine and some tropical surroundings. However there is also an increase in bookings to destinations a bit closer to home with holidays to Cyprus and Tunisia also popular.

It is not really surprising that people are choosing to look for holidays in luxury destinations. The weather simply cannot be depended on here in the UK and the last couple of summers have proved that. While some parts of the country saw some beautiful weather at times, other parts were cold and wet for most of the summer months. With all inclusive package deals to Caribbean locations, you will get sun, beautiful beaches, plenty of activities and delicious food all day long. Your drinks will probably be included too so there is nothing else you could possibly need.

Luxury Caribbean destinations will ensure that you return home feeling fully relaxed and pampered. In fact, you may not wish to return at all. Many of these top resorts treat their guests like celebrities and your every whim is catered for. They create fabulous holidays with you in mind and no matter what your age, you are going to have a wonderful time.

The activities on offer will depend on the country you visit and the actual resort but in general water activities are extremely popular. Snorkelling in the beautiful clear waters will mean you get a chance to see some amazing species of fish as well as some spectacular coral. Alternatively, you could choose to get a bit deeper for more fun with a scuba diving trip. There may also be the chance to take a glass bottom boat tour so that you can see what’s going on below the sea without actually getting wet!

Spa treatments are out of this world in some of these luxury resorts and if you want to pay extra for this, you will certainly feel like a star. These spas offer you the chance to be pampered and taken care of and you will be left feeling fully relaxed and content afterwards.

If luxury all inclusive package holidays sound like something you would be interested in, then you should get in touch with Airworld Tours, the UK specialists in luxury holidays.

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