Honeymoon in Maldives Islands, an experience like no other

There is no doubt that the Maldives Islands have established a strong reputation as a delightful holiday destination. It is particularly recognized as an enchanting destination for honeymooners, offering a mesmerising and idyllic environment for couples starting off on their wedded life together.

Imagine a stretch of pristine beach, with soft white sands under your feet and picturesque groves of palm trees swaying in the refreshing sea breeze. The tropical sun and balmy climate provide the ideal setting for a romantic sojourn in this island paradise. The sapphire waters of the Indian Ocean stretch out to the horizon, with gentle waves lapping at your feet. Magically tranquil days and nights await the couple who choose to begin their wedded lives in this captivating environment.

Scuba diving is one of the Maldives’ key attractions, with sensational underwater scenery and marine life to be seen for those who take the plunge. The Maldivian atolls are without exception composed of coral reefs, providing an enthrallingly beautiful scene for couples who choose to enjoy a dive together. In Maldivian waters, divers will find wonderfully clear clarity with numerous exotic fish and sea creatures, manta rays, sharks and even several fascinating shipwrecks to explore.

Many couples choose to go diving from liveaboards, sailing vessels used exclusively to provide sensational diving opportunities for tourists. Whilst diving from liveaboards you will see fascinating marine creatures like parrotfish, Napoleon wrasse, barracuda, snappers, sweetlips, jacks, and more. Additionally in the ocean channels visitors will see invertebrates like gorgonian fans and vibrantly coloured sponges.

The Maldives have also acquired a reputation as a delightful venue for surfing, with ideal wave conditions and clear waters creating a superb environment. It is an ideal setting for surfers who desire smooth uncrowded surfing conditions. Whilst many of the renowned surf breaks are to be found on Male atoll, there are others waiting to be discovered.

Active couples may choose to indulge in some of the other exciting water sports to be found in the Maldives, such as wakeboarding, water skiing, parasailing, kneeboarding, jet skiing, kite surfing and more.

The discerning traveller desiring fine Maldives resorts will be delighted by Kurumba Maldives, one of the outstanding luxury hotels Maldives offers providing excellent accommodations and service.

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