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Maldives is an island which is not only rich with its natural beauty, but a history that dates back to centuries. Maldives, which is a paradisiacal archipelago, owns 11091 islands in the ocean where the original settlers were said to be from Southern India. During the 4th and 5th centuries BC Indo-European settlers from Sri Lanka settled down in the country whereas the Africans and Arabs started settling during the 12th Century AD. At present the united Maldivian community is a blend of various cultures, identities and ethnicities which is indeed a fact to be proud of. First settlers of Maldives were originally Buddhists who were later converted into Sunni Islam during the 12th Century.

At present they believe Islam as their official religion and follow strict Muslim principals. Dhivehi is the language used by Maldivians which is connected to Sinhala, language of Sri Lanka. The writing system of Maldivians is from right to left and English is widely used for commerce and as a frequent medium of language among schools. The history of Maldives in the beginning is obscure but there is a legend which speaks of the history of Maldives. There was a Sinhalese Royal prince named Koi and his bride who was a daughter of a Sri Lankan King were stranded in a lagoon in Maldives and began ruling the country from that era. With the frequent visits of Arabs and Europeans the island began to improve vastly with many international trade ties. The Portuguese kept the island under their rule during the 16th century for about 15 years and was later chased away by the brave warrior Muhammad Thakurufar Al-Azam.

The country at present is a very successful country in each way and has developed its tourist industry to its utmost level taking the best advantage of their natural resources while preserving it. If a traveler is planning to visit this wonderful country its best to reserve a Maldives Resort prior because of the vast number of tourists visiting in. Anantara Dhigu Maldives would be an ideal choice for a great holiday and to get to know about the amazing history and also to stop by the amazing attractions and lovely beaches which would surely be a pleasant surprise. You should certainly try out this hotel if you desire Maldives Luxury Hotels for your stay.

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