Highlights of Indian Ocean holidays

Bounded on the north by South Asia, the west by Africa, the east by Indochina and Australia and the south by Antarctica, the Indian Ocean’s warm seas contain some of the world’s most beautiful islands and holiday destinations. Benefiting from beaches with pure white sands and expansive blue skies, the islands of the Indian Ocean are perfect holiday destinations to unwind from the stresses and strains of daily life. They are a world away from busy motorways and drizzly grey days.

The Maldives is probably the most famous of the islands and is known as one of the world’s most luxurious holiday and honeymoon destinations. This collection of tiny islands is simply paradise. Scattered across the ocean like jewels in the sea, each island is surrounded by a turquoise lagoon full of exotic sea life and diving opportunities. One of the highlights of any Maldives holiday is to scuba dive with majestic whale sharks. These rare sharks are the largest living fish species and can grow to more than 12 metres in length. Some people may be intimidated by their size, but whale sharks are actually very gentle and cruise slowly in warm waters filter feeding on algae, plankton, krill and small squid. After ticking off whale shark diving from your diver’s to-do list, relax and unwind on one of the luxury resorts and enjoy a famous Maldivian spa treatment to really wash any strains away.

Shaped like a teardrop and off the southern coast of India, the beach paradise of Sri Lanka is bustling with temples, a gigantic Buddha and ancient cities. Sri Lanka is famous for its mix of culture rich cities and towns, stunning countryside and luxurious beach resorts. As well as miles and miles of pristine sandy beaches, Sri Lanka is also very well known for its tea plantations and national parks. One of the highlights of Sri Lanka is the Yala National Park on the south east of the island. This elephant reserve is a fantastic place to see wild crocodiles, tigers and elephants roaming free. Hop into a Jeep and enjoy exploring this beautiful environment and the natural wonders it holds. After an exciting safari around Yala National Park relax in one of Sri Lanka’s sumptuous spas, play a round of golf and enjoy the excellent food, music and welcome that this country is famed for.

These are just two Indian Ocean highlights, but there is so much more to experience and discover in this truly beautiful part of the world. Enjoy luxury holidays to Maldives, elephant spotting in Sri Lanka, visit the lemurs of Madagascar or the giant tortoise of the Seychelles. Wherever you dip your feet in the Indian Ocean there is a rich experience to be had.

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