From the Deep – Dolphin Safari in the Maldives

Maldives is recognized as one of the best places in the world to see dolphins. Spinner, Bottlenose, Rissos, Spotted, Striped, Fraser’s and Rough Toothed dolphins are all found in hundreds and thousands in the waters around the country that they have spawned a safari industry.

The commonest of the species Spinner dolphins are found in huge numbers. They have a daily routine of going out to sea to feed in the mornings and returning to base in the evenings. Since they do not deviate from this the safari tour operators organize dolphin watching safaris to coincide with the dolphin’s routine in the mornings and afternoons. In addition to Spinner dolphins visitors are guaranteed that they will see several other species of dolphins as well. The safari boats get as close as possible to dolphin pods where visitors can clearly see the dolphins swimming alongside the boat and for great photo opportunities. Be privileged to watch Spinner Dolphins who are known to be playful creatures leaping out and cavorting in the water. Although in many instances dolphins are seen swimming past resorts taking a safari is the best opportunity that visitors to the Maldives will have of seeing huge numbers and varied types of dolphins in their own natural habitat. Some of the safaris are lead by professional marine biologists who are authorities in the marine life found around the islands. March is one of the best months to have great dolphin encounters as the seas are at their calmest with pleasant air and water temperatures.

While dolphin safaris allow visitors to see a large number and variety of dolphins in their natural habitat close enough to be touched, they also impart an understanding of the dolphin’s social behavior, physiology and how they evolved. Some of the larger boats are equipped with hydrophones from which guests can listen to whales and dolphins.

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