Exploring Male City – A Tropical Getaway

An amazing archipelago of 1,192 islands, the Maldives is a feast to the eye. Blessed with sun kissed white beaches, swaying palms and a blue ocean all around, Maldives presents the perfect romantic getaway. This tropical group of islands welcome tourists from around the world to relax in a secluded, mesmerizing environment. You can have a seaside adventure by swimming among the soft waves, snorkelling, diving, or surfing while visiting the Maldives. Most of the islands are completely occupied by tourist resorts which provide a wide array of water sports and excellent service. The alluring islands are definitely a globetrotters’ dream come true.

The capital city of the Maldives, Male is situated at the North Male Atoll. Male was formerly known as the King’s Island as the royal family resided and ruled from this island. The majority of the residents of the city are of Muslim faith although you might feel the neighbouring resort islands are very much westernised. An artificial beach on the east coast of Male is a popular destination for the locals to relax and enjoy surfing. The Male Market which is located in the northern part of the city, is a must visit while you are in Male. Here you will encounter numerous vendors selling a host of souvenirs for you to take back for friends and family. The Friday Mosque, Independence Square, Sultan Park and National Museum are some of the popular places for you to visit during your stay.

While in Maldives you can enjoy a host of seafood dishes to satisfy your taste buds. Authentic Maldivian dishes are quite spicy and flavoured with coconut as they are highly influenced by the South Indian and Sri Lankan culinary arts. However, most of the resorts in the islands offer a wide range of international cuisine as well.

A Maldives resort will offer you a dose of tropical pampering along with a charming view of the emerald ocean. If you are looking for luxury hotels Maldives, you have a wide array to choose from, located in numerous islands of the nation. Baros Maldives is one such option where you can enjoy delightful dining, a relaxing spa treatment, and engage in a host of aqua sports including diving and snorkelling.

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