Explore Unrivalled Underwater World in Maldives

Alimatha Island of Maldives

Have an experience of 5 star environment in this exotic island of Alimatha, located on the eastern side of Maldives at Vaavu Atoll. Surrounded with incredible sites, this island is home to amazing central beach in Worldwide Tour & Travel and Island with all the amenities required for fun and enjoyment like, world class diving, snorkeling and is rich in green vegetation and a lot more to discover in this island.

Sun Island Resort and Spa in Maldives

It is considered to be one of the most luxurious resorts of Maldives, located on Ari Atoll, with Villa Hotels offering modern comforts and amenities. Sun Island Resort and Spa are known for its exotic flowers, amazing lagoons, and stunning greenery with water bungalows offering a unique experience and the world’s best lodging experience.

Manta Point of Maldives

Enjoy diving in Manta Point, and have a unique experience of diving whether you are an experienced diver or a beginner, and see the large number of manta rays swimming gracefully, circling numerous large coral rocks waiting for their turn to be cleaned and fed by the wrasses, you will surely enjoy this novel and exciting experience at Manta Point.

Banana Reef in Maldives

Banana Reef is the most sought after diving site in Maldives located in the north side of Male Atoll. It is so called, as it has the shape of a banana, which is 300 meters long, housing numerous kinds of fishes of various shapes, colors and sizes, so the major feature of this reef is its marine life, and the best diving site of Maldives.

Accommodation in Maldives

Being an ultimate beach destination, Maldives is an apt place for beach lovers and water sports, with white sands and amazing turquoise water, an ideal place for vacationers seeking tranquil holidays far from the hustle bustle of city life. Choose accommodation as per your choice, as there are many unique options, you can enjoy beach at your doorstep by staying in the beach front bungalows, or simple beach villas at Kuredu which are suitable for every taste and budget, chic oceanfront guest rooms in Niyama. Enjoy adventures of desert in Jehunuhura Island, or have an unforgettable experience by staying at Kanahura while in Maldives.

Market of Maldives

You can have the flavor of typical Maldives in the produce market, where home grown and imported vegetables are sold by people coming from different parts of the country. It’s fun to stroll around watching shoppers and hawkers displaying wide range of products. Coconuts, bananas and stack of betel leaf are in abundance in the market, whereas, it is also very fascinating, watching the day’s catch of fish brought in the market from the nearby fishing harbor.

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