Explore Maldives’ Favourite Public Square at Breathtaking Jumhoorie Maidan

Tipped to be the island archipelago’s signature recreational and leisure enclave, Jumhoorie Maidan is no run of the mill Republic Square in the sun-kissed island nation. Constructed in 1989 this scenic venue which offers guests a cool respite from the city’s bustling atmosphere is a popular venue frequented by travellers and locals like.

Occupying the breathtaking environs of Male’s northern waterfront Jumhoorie Maidan is the first sight that greets the eyes for those who arrive at the capital by boat. As a renowned landmark that is also a beloved symbol of national pride and heritage for Maldivians everywhere the sprawling republic square is situated in a region of the capital that was occupied by many official buildings, especially on its southern fringes. Housing the country’s presidential jetty the venue is also the location where the country’s cabinet members bid farewell to the shores of the Maldives when travelling abroad for matters of state.

Littered with lush green lawns and plant life Jumhoorie Maidan’s northern section is one of the most idyllic spots in all of Republic Square. The eastern reaches of the park however houses another national landmark where a flagpole with the Maldivian flag flying at full mast is visible. Known as the national or official flag post of the country the pole also flies the largest national flag in the Maldives. Surrounded by wide, open spaces and ocean vistas Jumhoorie Maidan is centrally situated to offer guests views and access to some of the city’s most visited attractions. The Islamic Centre is one such point of interest that is located to the south of the park while the National Security Service is also found within this region. The Grand Friday Mosque is also situated within a stone’s throw of the park which looks its best during the late evening hours of the day. A popular picnic area and a captivating social gathering hotspot the locale is often frequented by teens and young adults who congregate at the venue after school or a busy day of work.

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