Experience Maldives and Beyond

With a multitude of islands within many atolls, the Maldives are a sprinkling of beautiful islands across the Indian Ocean. Because of this, a trip to the Maldives proves a dream destination for many and a perfect accompaniment to any multi-centre holiday.

This cluster of picture-perfect coral atolls has an appeal that is immediately apparent to visitors and with such a diverse choice of resorts available, there really is an island that will appeal to every taste. This includes chic boutique retreats to out of this world diving locations, eco-responsible green islands to resorts that are perfect for families. What’s more, many have an all inclusive board option so you don’t have to worry about how much extra you’ll have to pay for meals and drinks.

Maldivian solitude, peace and tranquillity make it an ideal place to relax. White sand beaches lapped by calm clear waters, fringed by swaying palms creating an idyll of serenity. In stark contrast – which is why it’s a perfect partner – is the high-tech, fast-paced life in the buzzing metropolis of Dubai. Here you can visit the iconic Burj Al Arab, a whole world away from the understated lagoon villas of the atolls and be pampered in a deliciously different way. Also, get lost in the crowds as you barter for souvenirs in the gold souks and inhale the heady aroma of shisha as you take an afternoon stroll.

You will find that such an island retreat is awash with soft sea breezes, clean air and blissful isolation. The muted colours of your natural surroundings and the simple yet elegant decor allow you to unwind and get in touch with nature. However, should you be feeling a little too laid back, take the opportunity to visit vibrant India, where vivid colours, bustling people and the scent of fragrant spices will stir up your senses and open your eyes. Indeed, no trip to India is complete without visiting the Taj Mahal, where you’ll be left awe struck by its sheer majesty. Furthermore, if you have the time then visit Ranthambore and, if you’re lucky, spot the elusive tiger in its natural home.

If you’ve become accustomed to your island habitat whilst diving and snorkelling off your own secluded beach, then take a peek at Sri Lanka, the ‘Teardrop Island.’ Fabled as a precious stone dropped from India into the sea, it is home to some of the most beautiful fauna and flora on the Indian Subcontinent. And when on your travels, take the time to visit the elephant orphanage at Pinnewela, where you can feed and get to know a couple of these gentle giants.

So, if you are considering a multi-centre break, then Maldives holidays may prove the ideal start to your trip, before heading off to your next destination. In fact, such trips can be very beneficial if you wish to experience more than one destination when on holiday.

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