Exciting Water Sports – Kayaking in Maldives

Kayaking is the ideal way to getaway from it all and to discover some of nature’s secrets such as a deserted beach or a hidden cove or be confronted with the most beautiful view imaginable by just turning a corner. It is a wonderful way to explore islands in the Maldives, go to places that are inaccessible by foot and discover marine life for which the islands are famous for. One can catch glimpses of other natural wonders too. Go on your own in a solo kayak or with a partner in a tandem vessel in the calm lagoon waters. However, before paddling across the inviting blue waters, it is important to choose the correct equipment and safety gear and first timers need to be guided in the basics of the sport before disappearing over the horizon. Hang on to that paddle as it is the most important piece of equipment when kayaking!

The huge array of water sports offers the biggest diversion for holiday makers in the Maldives. Well equipped water sport centres hire equipment and offer training. For kayakers the choice of kayaks range from a Molokini, a completely transparent kayak or a ‘peek-a-boo’ kayak with transparent inserts to see the teeming multi hued marine life in house reefs without getting the feet wet.

Casually paddling across the warm blue sea on a calm day to explore a resort island, visitors will perhaps come across a manta ray gliding through the water or an eel slithering its way through a jumble of corals and see large formations of table corals clumping close to the coastline. Kayakers can go further afield and glide past palm fringed white sandy beaches, sand bars and green tropical islands, choose a secluded spot to spend a quiet day exploring and snorkelling, discovering the amazing marine life of a reef. After a bit of fishing, lie back and simply enjoy the magnificent tropical scenery laid out before you.

Take that Maldives beach vacation you have been dreaming of. Experience the bluest of seas, the whitest of soft sandy beaches and the greenest tropical vegetation around at Adaaran Hudhuranfushi in the North Male Atoll. Stay in the spacious, comfortable and contemporary Beach or Prestige Ocean Villas and have uninterrupted access to the beach and the ocean at any time of day. As one of the most popular Maldives Island resorts every effort is made to ensure that guests have the best vacation of their lives and enjoy all the excellent facilities and amenities on offer. Take time off to have a complete change of scenery and experience a tropical island vacation as never before at this much talked about Maldives resort.

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