Enjoying the Maldives – Parasailing in the Maldives

As a premier tourist destination the Maldives offer more than the standard blue oceans and the sandy white beaches. Take to the air to see the pristine Maldivian landscape in a new perspective while enjoying the sensation of being lifted aloft and sailing through the air. Bring out the adventurous spirit in you and experience parasailing, a fun way to spend a day getting a bird’s eye view of your immediate surroundings and beyond in comfort, sitting rather than hanging on the harness. Steer to the left or right by pulling on the left and right risers at the back to give better views of the landscape below. Enjoy views from two hundred feet up at about 30 mph. Plop softly into the water when the boat’s speed is reduced at the end of the ride having had an exceptional experience. The parasail traps air and floats, so sinking is out of the question.

Many resorts and independent organizations teach parasailing and hire out equipment. Do not miss out on this thrilling way of seeing the Maldives.

Since 1971 when parasailing was supposedly invented in Miami, Florida hordes of people have been taking to the skies this way. Parasailing comprises of a person attached to a specially designed canopy resembling a parachute towed generally by a boat; the boat takes off, getting the person airborne. Height is maintained by the speed of the boat. While experiencing the adrenaline rush of being carried aloft, once there riders can experience lovely views for miles around in relative quietness and be seen by other aspiring riders. Although not for the faint hearted it is a thrilling fun activity with a short preparation time, of short duration and with easy to manage equipment which may be why it is a staple of every beach holiday.

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