Enjoy the exquisite waters of the Maldives

The tiny Island of Maldives holds a lot of surprises. There are innumerable things to experience and explore in this piece of paradise. The beautiful coral reefs, aquamarine waters, white sandy beaches – all these form the essence of the Island and its captivating beauty. Combine them with an interesting fusion of landscapes, culture, warmth and cuisines – you get the right choice for an ideal vacation destination.

A memorable escape
Whether you are a water sports enthusiasts or a nature lover, Maldives is a place where you can treat yourself in every possible way. While there are endless possibilities of enjoying the waters around, you could just sit back and enjoy the tropical sun, if you desire a laid-back holiday.

The diverse country has plenty of fun activities even for non-swimmers. Jet skiing is one such thrill for which you really don’t need to know how to swim. With your life jackets on and coast guards always on alert, this is a perfect way to enjoy the glimmering waters without any worry. The glass-bottom boats are yet another awesome way to experience the jewels of the Ocean. Without getting into the water, you can see the vibrant marine creatures underneath through the transparent glass bottom. Banana boat rides, dolphin safaris and under water walking are the other activities that you can enjoy in the Maldives.

A haven for underwater enthusiasts
Diving in crystal clear waters amid spectacular coral reefs is indeed a wonderful activity that lets the adrenaline pick up. The deep sea fauna and the underwater treasures will delight you to the core as you delve deep into the blue waters. With a bit of training, you can also enjoy deep sea fishing which is one of the most exciting offers of the Maldives tour packages. Snorkeling and sailing are other thrilling experiences to indulge in.

Best time to go
December to April is the dry season and is the ideal time to visit the Maldives. It is also the peak season. May to November is a great time for divers due to better visibility and water clarity .Maldives has a tropical climate and the weather here remains hot, humid and dry throughout the year.

Getting around
Once you reach an island of your choice, the best way to move around is on foot. While the local ferry is very limited, it is not easy to hop from one island to the other. However, there are yachts that glide through the archipelago and provide access to other islands and secluded reefs. There are some resorts that have seaplanes to take their guests from the airport and back. Make full use of these brief sprees which offer you a bird’s-eye view of the breathtaking islands and spectacular reefs.

There are a whole lot of things to do and enjoy in the Maldives and for the perfect Maldives holidays, you only need to make your flight and hotel bookings and embark on an exciting trip to be a part of this haven.

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