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Maldives consists of over one thousand islands spread over nearly 90,000 square kilometres. Of course not all the islands are big, and only two hundred of Maldives’ 1,192 islands are inhabitable. Located in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, the islands are arranged in the form of a double chain that makes them instantly recognisable on any map. Known for their exceptional beauty, the Maldives islands have become popular global holiday spots. Despite their popularity, one need not worry about overcrowding as there are so many islands to choose from.

The beaches in Maldives rank among the best in the world. Boasting beautiful white sands, sparkling blue waters, sweet green palms and year round sunshine, the beaches in Maldives were made for relaxation. The fine white sands are a result of a unique geological property- all the islands are made up entirely of coral. It is thought that ancient volcanoes in the area became overgrown with coral to form the Maldives islands. Thankfully for beach lovers all over the world, the volcanoes are no longer active and one can enjoy a vacation here without worrying about lava.

Tourism plays a large role in the country’s economy which is booming due to the arrival of more and more tourists each year. To minimise the impact of the arrival of so many people the local tourism industry is now more focused on eco-tourism. New laws designed to preserve the island’s natural beauty are strictly enforced. Tourists should note that the removal of coral is strictly prohibited, so is fishing is certain waters. Resorts and tour operators are certified according to how green their operations are, and this can be a factor when it comes to choosing accommodation or a place to enjoy water sports.

Tourists looking for eco-friendly Maldives resorts can try the Kurumba Maldives. It is one of the best Maldives all inclusive resorts around, containing a delightful spa, an amazing restaurant and top class water sports facilities. Situated on a private island in the North Atoll, the hotel promises guests complete privacy and is the ideal place to stay.

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