Diving with Sharks in the Paradise Isles of Maldives

As a breathtaking collection of numerous tiny islets, the archipelago of Maldives is a beach holiday destination like no other. Renowned for its vibrant coral reefs, diverse marine species and abundant natural wonders, this destination is an avid diver’s dream come true. With its ocean floors littered with age old shipwrecks, this diver’s Mecca has long been considered one of the finest diving destinations in Asia. But thrill seekers of a different kind are also heading down to the island collective for an adrenalin pumping experience of a lifetime.

Known as one of the few holiday hotspots in the globe to offer safe shark diving excursions, the Maldives leaves no stone unturned in the sphere of oceanic exploration. Home to a plethora of shark species numbering well over 25 varieties, the country offers seasoned and novice divers the opportunity of a lifetime to share the same space and swim past one of the most majestic creatures and predators in the ocean.

Whale Sharks, the largest fish species on the planet are commonly spotted in the Maldivian waters as hoards of these 40 foot long creatures swim close to the surface. Abundantly visible during the months of July and August, the Whale Shark hotspots in the country include Hanifaru Bay and Baa Atoll. Grey Reef Sharks are also commonly sighted especially around dive sites concentrated in Cocoa Corner and Maaya Thila where the creatures hunt frequently. White Tip Reef Sharks are also popular among divers navigating the ocean floor as are Hammerhead Sharks that are found in waters around Rasdhoo Kandu.

Other shark species that are sighted during diving excursions in Maldives include Silvertip, Snaggletooth, Tiger, Sliteye, Nurse and Silky sharks. Variegated, Star Spotted Smooth Hound and Black Tip Reef sharks are also frequently spotted in the islands.

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