Discover Paradise at Dusk with a Romantic Sunset Cruise in Maldives

As an island archipelago worthy of poetic expression the Maldives is undoubtedly one of the most romantic holiday destinations in the world with a majority of the globe’s affianced selecting this mesmerizing tropical venue as a honeymoon destination. Blessed with idyllic weather conditions all year round and nearly 9000 tiny islets with stunning beachfronts to match one could hardly imagine a more perfect location for romantic excursions and encounters with the natural world. Sunset cruises are a veritable Maldivian specialty as the evening hours are especially impressive in the island’s beaches with the view of the sun dipping its tired crown in the azure waters creating a stunning spectacle bathed in orange hued light. This is why most couples spending their vacation in the archipelago while away the evening hours on sunset cruises organized by resorts in the islands.

Romantic and individually designed to suit the preferences of the cruisers the sunset excursions is the perfect end to a day spent lazing around the beachfront or engaging in water sporting activities. Setting off in the magical hours of dusk around 6pm when balmy day gives way to cool aired night time. The sunset cruises are typically conducted on traditional sailing vessels known as dhonis which in turn add local flair to the adventure. The hour long cruises take visitors on an elemental journey under the stars with the soothing lull and sound of crashing waves in the foreground. Couples can sip a cool glass of wine as the sky changes colours with each passing minute and transforms the atmosphere around the sea vessel and the natural world at large. The visual treat will be highlighted by the fact that on a cruise one’s environment is limited to nothing but ocean and sky as the vast expansive heavens opens up for closer exploration and examination. Such moments can rarely be encapsulated or immortalized in pictures or photographs as one must truly be there to experience the splendour of this natural phenomenon first hand.

Sunset dinner cruises also offer delectable treats in the form of an a la carte menu while the site of dolphins swimming past the vessels is also common during this particular time of the day.

Travellers in search of a Maldives luxury resort should look to none other than Velassaru Maldives for all their accommodation needs. As a stunning Maldives resort in view of a pristine beachfront this stylish rest pulls out all the stops when it comes to holidaying in paradise.

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