Culture of Maldives – A Fine Blend of Islam and Tropical Warmth

Blessed with white sandy beaches, calm azure waters, and all year round sunshine, the Maldive Islands are truly a romantic paradise on earth. This archipelago of 1,192 islands is located in the Indian Ocean and is a very popular tourist destination. Maldives has many resorts within its islands that provide a host of aqua sports including swimming, diving, snorkelling, and jet skiing. Whether you want a quiet day at a private beach or an exciting adventure among the waves Maldives can fulfil your desires. As the country thrives on tourism Maldivians welcome visitors from around the world with open arms and excellent hospitality.

The culture of Maldives is heavily influenced by South India and Sri Lanka. The language of the local people, Divehi closely resembles Sinhala, which is spoken in Sri Lanka. The people of these islands are very friendly and hospitable, perhaps due to the fact that they are used to large families living together. In 12th century AD Arab travellers introduced Islam to Maldives and since then the islands have been an Islamic nation. You will be able to see the fascinating architecture of mosques in Male, the capital of Maldives. Most of the Maldivian culture rotates around ocean elements. This is apparent in their folk songs, music and dances as the main theme would mostly relate to the sea.

Maldives is home to some of the best seafood in the region. You will find a myriad of seafood options in restaurants and hotels prepared in many different ways. The local Maldivian food can be quite spicy as it draws heavily from South Indian and Sri Lankan cuisine. You will also find international restaurants in most of the island resorts.

Accommodation in a Maldives island resort can easily be found in most of the enchanting islands. Maldives all inclusive resorts will serve you with world class service and provide you with all amenities so that you would not have to leave the resort for any need at all. Kuramathi Island Resort is one such option where you can enjoy the alluring beach and relax and indulge at three different restaurants and six bars.

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