Cruises in Maldives

For a memorable honeymoon abroad, Maldives is a name we would suggest any day. It is a place where there is more sea than land. Such destinations are rare and always a treat for a lovey dovey couple. One ideal way to make the most of a Maldivian holiday is to book a cruise and set sailing to explore the cobalt blue oceans. When looking for a cruise package, you will thankfully have a plethora to choose from. Also, do keep in mind that the durations happily vary. Some cruise trips last for a day or two, while the more longish ones will help you stay in the ocean’s arms for at least a week. The beautiful islands of Meemu, South Male and Felidhoo deserve a look-in through the eyes of the sailor. You can’t beat the thrill of romancing in Maldives in any other way.

The dhoni boat, a traditional vessel, offers you a more intimate rendezvous with the sea. It is a vessel which is not as daunting as a large ship but is large enough to make you feel safe and relaxed. Through such cruises, a couple can visit a number of beaches and islands in the country. One can’t deny the fact that a cruise journey is probably the fastest and the most economic way to visit multiple islands at the cost of least hassle. Maldives, for your information, is an atoll whose island count crosses the oh-my-God figure of 1100. Asking you to visit each and every island will be asking for a bit too much. So, we advise that you go for the must-see islands and a few pristine and isolated ones. Though there are many, Hulhule Island, Kuda Anvaraa, Dhiggarue and Fulidhoo are a few you may want to check out. Your cruise tour official would be able to give you further information in the matter. Each company has its own itineraries, comprising of a bunch of islands, attractions and activities.

With these Maldives honeymoon packages, you do get a lot of time and space to spread your legs, run over the beaches, indulge in underwater activities (snorkeling is our top recommendation) and go on a clicking spree. Some of the beaches are so photogenic that you can proudly upload them in your Facebook profile (we guarantee a minimum of 50 likes if you are a man, 400 if you are a woman).

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