Creating the perfect holiday package

Choosing a holiday package can sometimes be frustrating, you have the destination that you want to go to and have in mind the number of days that your job will allow you to take off from work but sadly the two just don’t seem to match and you’re having to compromise on either your destination or the length of your holiday.

We have all been there at some point or another; we have an idea of wanting to go away for 10 nights but sadly the destination or the resort that you want to visit can only let you stay for 7 days or 14, meaning you have to undercut your holiday or take more time off from work. Say no to compromise and go on a tailor made holiday.

A tailor made holiday gives you the freedom, creativity and control that you all seek when your planning your holiday. This method does involve slightly more research and preparation but is well worth investing more time in the preparation of the holiday as you will enjoy and appreciate your holiday so much more. The joy of a tailor made itinerary is that it’s designed around you and your own unique requirements and is not restricted to the set itinerary of a group departure; the world really is your oyster.

A tailor made holiday allows you to choose when you want to fly, where you want to go, your sightseeing preferences, the levels of accommodation you require, your preferred mode of transport, the number of meals you would like included and most importantly they can be tailored to your own budget.

Now that you’ve chosen to go on a tailor made holiday the skies are the limit, you can literary sit down with a blank piece of paper and plan your holiday from nothing. No longer does your dream holiday seem impossible, now your holiday can become a reality and more importantly it can become your dream holiday.

Popular destinations for tailor made holidays tend to be long haul destinations which are quite restrictive of the days you can fly and the number of days you can be away on holiday for. Destinations such as the Caribbean, Australia, New Zealand and the Indian Ocean islands are now more accessible.

What used to put holiday makers off the 20 hour flight to Australia can now be solved by breaking up the flight and staying in Hong Kong, Singapore or Bangkok for a few days. Soaking up some Asian culture before setting off to Australia, or alternatively travellers can add other destinations or countries to their holiday creating a twin centre holiday. Having this method of holiday effectively allows you to have two holidays for almost the price of one. For example on your holiday to South Africa you could combine a relaxing beach holiday to the Maldives or Seychelles to your itinerary, the possibilities of creation are endless.

Tailor made holidays are here to stay and are becoming increasingly popular with holiday makers, they can cost a bit more money than a traditional package holiday but you can’t put a price on the freedom of going when you want and where you want.

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