Coral Reefs in Maldives – Explore the Picturesque Undersea World

One of the world’s most exotic destinations lies peacefully on the Indian Ocean, home to breathtaking white beaches, surrounded by the exquisite blue ocean. This paradise is none other than the tropical Maldives Islands, a tourist destination well loved for the unforgettable holidays it offers. The beautiful sights that these lush islands provide will be etched in visitors’ minds forever, an unforgettable pleasure. On the land visitors can enjoy time basking in the sun, relaxing and indulging in the magnificent luxuries that the Maldives offer. But perhaps what visitors will enjoy most is their time spent underwater, in the picturesque world that lies under the waves.

The amazing coral reefs in Maldives that can be seen in the waters around the many islands are part of a large undersea mountain range. They have formed over many thousands of years and can be seen today in their complete glory. The reefs are made up of hundreds of types of coral, in delightful shapes and colours. These reefs are some of the most exquisite in the world and are one of nature’s proudest creations.

There are more than a thousand species of fish and other marine animals to be spotted in these reefs around the islands, and these attractive creatures, sometimes swimming in large schools, add to the kaleidoscope of colour and fascination that lies underwater. It is truly a magical experience to be among the wonders of the coral reefs in Maldives. These reefs have been well preserved for centuries and are a beauty to see in this brilliant condition.

In addition to being one of the finest sights the world has to offer, the coral reefs in Maldives are of great importance to the eco system as well. Thus it is essential that when diving or snorkelling among these fragile organisms, visitors take great care not to do any damage. By doing their part to protect the reefs visitors can ensure that these wonders last for many more millennia.

The islands are also known to be home to some of the most luxurious accommodation in the world and guests who want to truly indulge themselves can choose a lavish Maldives luxury hotel. Cocoa Island Maldives is a Maldives resort that stands out amongst the rest. Located on a private island, it is the best place to enjoy this paradise from.

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