Choose a Maldives Vacation That You Will Remember

A Maldives vacation will be the holiday of a lifetime when you decide to visit this archipelago located on the equator, just southwest of Sri Lanka. The country, which consists of a string of coral islands, has been aptly nicknamed the pearls of the Indian Ocean. Forty-four of the islands are exclusive resorts out of the 200 that are inhabited. There are a large number of uninhabited islands here too. You can enjoy sunshine and warm temperatures all year long and experience the warm hospitality of the native peoples. English is widely spoken along with the native language, Dhivehi, a language not spoken anywhere else in the world.

The Maldives is famous for the beauty of the waters that surround the island and the wealth of marine life. It is one of the premier diving destinations in the world. There are so many different things that you can do when you choose this country as a vacation destination that you will need more than one vacation to enjoy them all. Diving and snorkeling opportunities abound. Deep sea fishing aboard a charter boat is also a popular activity. Try your hand at reeling in a marlin, tuna, sailfish or wahoo as one of the many species of fish that swim around the islands. You can also pretend that you are Robinson Crusoe and stroll around one of the many deserted islands with a picnic lunch prepared for you by the resort where you stay.

Dhangethi Island is the center of island cultureof the Maldives. You have to spend some time on this island to visit the museums and see the way life used to be in this country. You can enjoy a lunch of local food, visit the school, learn how the dhonis are built, and try your hand at making some of the native crafts. At sunset, you can engage in hand-reel fishing, which is the local way of catching fish. Take a boat excursion to see the spinner dolphins at play and experience the local life by spending some time in one of the villages.

Male is the capital of Maldives and has many tourist attractions. This city has the ambiance of a semi-urban environment and a museum that houses artifacts dating back 7000 years. The best way to explore Male is on foot because it will only take you about twenty minutes to walk the length of the island. You can also rent a bicycle and used the preferred native mode of transportation.

There are many resorts in the Maldives where you can have an all-inclusive vacation. Howevre, if you prefer to make your own bookings, you will find that there are hotels and guesthouses on most of the islands where you will be quite comfortable. The rates are quite reasonable and most of these locations also have breakfast included in the price. Shop in the quaint stores and at the local markets where you will find many handicrafts on sale that you can take back home as souvenirs.

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