Bodu Beru Dance & Drums – The Unique Culture of the Maldives

Due to the Maldives Island’s location along an important trade route since man set sail to trade, the culture of the Maldives’ people has been influenced by the various neighbouring countries as well as regions such as the Middle East and Africa. Today the culture in this country is seen as vivid and vibrant and it very easily compliments the traditional cultures of Asia and Africa. The language, art, religion and music portray a collection of cultures making these islands a great exploration.

One of the best ways to experience the unique culture of the Maldives Islands is by sitting down to a good folk performance session of drum and dance. Bodu beru is the most interesting and popular form of folk music that involves both drums and dance. Locals of all ages take part in this.

The term ‘bodu beru’ means the big drum and a typical performance involves 3 to 4 drums and other percussion instruments, such as bells and ‘onugandu’ – a piece of bamboo for a raspy sound effect, ideally played by a group of 10 to 15 persons. Generally the song start on a lower beat and drumming and dancing is emphasized with time. As the music hits a crescendo with its wild beat dancers go in to trance like stage.

The rhythm of the music and the dance involved in Bodu Beru is similar to the music which is generally associated with East Africa, and probably the Maldivians had been influenced by the African sailors. As a matter of fact when Bodu Beru first made an appearance in these islands, way back in the eleventh century, it had been referred to as ‘baburu lava’, which can be translated to, Negroid Song.

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