Best time to visit the Maldives

Maldives is that perfect coastal paradise for those bitten by wanderlusts and for the ever-hungry travelers. Being a tropical island, the climate out here is pretty much on the warmer side. Tourists are greeted with plenty of sun and sky, and there is, as such, no season which is unfriendly or uncongenial for traveling. Maldives package is bought and sold throughout the year. And it is owing to the vibrant and multifarious beauty of the island that Maldives tourism has spiraled to unparalleled heights. So, in quintessence, the place is a round-the-year destination.

But, having said that, one must admit that you can choose between two different seasons as per your own requirements! Primarily, Maldives has two basic seasons:The dry season (between December and March)The wet season (between May and November)

In the conventional sense of stating, it would be appropriate to say that the dry season is ideal for tourists wanting to maximize the fun. Your sightseeing plans can go on smoothly and you aren’t hindered by showers and storms. You can just laze on the beaches at your bare minimums allowing the flirtatious sun to tickle your skin.

In contrast, the wet season (May-November) can be a different experience altogether. If you are visiting during this time, then you can expect a lot of rain and even the occasional thunderstorms. Therefore, the footfalls do drop a bit during this time of the year. However, if you look at it from another perspective, then it can be a real joy to witness the tropical beauty of the wet island during the rain-stricken days. Besides, prices slump at this time and a Maldives package can be bought at fairly cheaper rates. Because of lower tourist count, the prices of hotels and flights plummet sharply. So, if you are a poor backpacker, then this time should definitely suit your wallet.

The months between March-April are actually somewhere in between. Heavy rainfall days are still some weeks away, and the peak tourist season (December-February) is over. So, you can get great weather and fairly low prices (however, prices won’t be as low as during the post-May months). If you are an avid surfer, then too you should opt for the May-November slot. Therefore, the best time to visit Maldives and buy a Maldives tourism package would be:December-March (for beach-strolling, sightseeing)May-November (for budget-traveling, surfing, diving) March-April (for good weather and slightly cheaper rates)

Author is a traveller and adventure seeker and loving her work roam around a number of travel destinations around the world. Currently she is responsible for writing about Maldives tourism and managing Maldives packages. As a blogger she writes about travel guide and tour packages at WAH Holidays.

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