Aqua Sports In Maldives – Fun In The Surf!

Surrounded by the Indian Ocean, the Maldives provide the ideal conditions for day long indulgences in all what the shimmering blue waters around its tropical islands have to offer. The water temperature is ideal, and remains warm until late evening. The different depths of the waters as well as the different settings offer serene as well as undulating conditions which can be used to your preference of aqua sport. The resorts in these Islands cater to the needs of all; young and the old as well as the adventure seeker and those looking for a more relaxed holiday.

Most prefer non-motorized aqua sports such as kayaking, surfing and sailing. These types of activities are dependent on such aspects as wind factor and tides. While windsurfing and board surfing also depend on the type of waves, for a more laidback experience in windsurfing holiday makers can try the relatively calmer waters of the lagoons. Sailing, especially the catamaran, is a relaxing experience and is also a lovely way to explore the coastal areas of the islands. This is also true for kayaking and one can even take it a notch higher and try this exciting sport in rougher seas which offers more of a challenge.

For those seeking motorized aqua sports the Maldives feature activities such as waterskiing, parasailing, jet skiing, and various other versions of waterskiing, such as mono skiing and knee boarding. Apart from these one could also try snorkelling, diving and big game fishing. For family adventures one can take a boat ride to explore the islands, ride on a glass bottom boat and view the amazing coral reefs or embark on dolphin cruises.

Make the best of your holiday to these islands by indulging in aqua sports in these amazing ocean waters as well as complementing it with traditional Maldivian style lodging and cuisine at a Maldives island hotel. A Maldives resort will provide you with modern luxuries as well as a traditional setting to make the most of your tropical island holiday. For some of the best options in aqua sports, true native atmosphere and comfortable accommodations try Velassaru Maldives.

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