Affordable Accommodation in Maldives to have Budget Vacation!

There are 200 islands that are inhabited and 44 of them are exclusive resorts. This tells you how popular Maldives is among tourists from around the world. It promises dream holidays for the honeymooners as well as got entire family that are surprisingly very affordable. Holiday vacation in Maldives are especially popular among Europeans who find them very inexpensive.

Choose guest houses over expensive hotels
There is a lot to see and do in Maldives. Maldives is all about stunning beaches, coral reefs, sun and sand, and water sports. You can expect a dream vacation in nice and sunny weather inside your budget with cheap accommodation in Maldives. Of course there are deluxe resorts and dive resorts that can be very expensive with hotel rooms charging $ 100 and more per night. But you can easily affordable island accommodation in the Maldives if you are prepared to look around.

Owners are very friendly and cooperative
Apart from the resorts, accommodation in Maldives cheap comes through guest houses that are spread all over the country in remote islands. There are many cheap guest houses in Maldives but you will have to make efforts to locate them. Maldives guest house operators are mostly owners of the property and you can easily find husband and wife looking after the needs of tourists. Top get down to Maldives guest house operators, you will be required to develop contacts with the locals who are very friendly and cooperative. If you have good social skills, it won’t take time for you to locate a cheap guest house as your accommodation in this island nation.

People have turned their homes into guest houses
Even among guest houses, some are expensive but they also provide lot of amenities that are absent in affordable guest houses in Maldives. But you will be pleasantly surprised with the size of the rooms even in cheap guest houses. They are also very neat and clean. In any case, a guest house hotel is damn cheap in comparison to a proper hotel. Because of the fact that hundreds of thousands of tourists arrive in Maldives island every year, most people have converted their homes into guest houses to earn income.

Thundi guest house has become very famous
There are many more guest houses in Maldives than hotels. You will find the experience of living as a guest in these guest houses as a very comfortable one as not only the owners but also the staff is very friendly and happy to serve you. It is prudent to save your money by living in a guest house in Maldives rather than staying in a resort. Among Maldives guest houses, thundi guest house has carved a niche for itself because of its quality and cleanliness. It is not only very inexpensive but also very cozy and comfortable.

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