3 Questions to Ask Before Booking Maldives Honeymoon Packages

There are several spectacular honeymoon destinations. You can choose the most romantic destination or the most thrilling adventure. It depends on your budget and taste. But, if you are considering the Maldives honeymoon packages, don’t rush to book it right away. You need to ask few questions. Get some clarification. Then, book the tour package of your choice. So, here is what you actually need to know?

Q.1: What Are The Best Honeymoon Destinations On The Island?

Maldives is a huge archipelago with 280 islands in Indian Ocean. Out of these, 80 of these islands have perfect resorts to cater to your every whim, thus making a choice can be difficult. But, most tourists invariably consider Male, Addu city, Ari Atoll, Hulhule Island, and Alimatha Island as the best honeymoon destinations. But, consider accommodation of your choice before selecting a destination. Consider a romantic resort by a private beach. Consider facilities like couple’s spa, water sports, outdoor adventure assistance, steam room, etc. You will need to select a hotel that you will feel comfortable in. You can also choose the tours and travels package you want to be part of or a travel itinerary you find interesting. But, focus on selecting maldives honeymoon package that will suit you and your partner.

Q.2: What Kind Of Budget Will We Need To Book Maldives Tours And Travels Package?

Without a doubt, Maldives is not a cheap destination. It is relatively cheaper than other island destinations like Mauritius honeymoon package. But, Maldives tourism is the largest local industry. So, it is not dirt cheap either. This kind of economy island getaway is perfect for several honeymooners, beach-lovers and thrill seekers. So, in an economy budget, you can enjoy a luxurious tours and travels package in Maldives. You can enjoy water adventures, elegant local accommodation and sightseeing without a lot of splurging.

Q. 3: What Do I Need To Be Watch Out For?

Like any country, Maldives will have some minor hiccups that may surprise you. But, if you know the country and culture in advance, it will be a smooth ride. For example: Did you know that Maldives is a Muslim country? It implies that the liquor in more expensive as it is not produced locally. It is not advisable to book a holiday in months of Ramadan with Eid coming up at the end of the month. There is 8USD tax for a stay in the country per day. It is mostly part of hotel room price. You will also need to pay attention to local taboos, offenses and transportation tips.

Make the most of your Maldives honeymoon package as you enter the country with right info and explore the best honeymoon destinations for full effect. Live, enjoy and love!

Ninad Chaudhari works as a Web UI Designer / Developer with Cox & Kings. Ninad is an ardent photographer and finds best deals on tours and travels packages to pursue his passion. He recently explored maldives honeymoon package from Cox & Kings and his albums are replete with scenic pictures of this tour.

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